In-person meetings are held monthly on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in Oklahoma City. For those for those who live outside of the Oklahoma City area, you may join us for these meetings via Google Hangout (e-mail us for details).


We come together with a common bond, a shared experience of losing a child through miscarriage. Whether you have miscarried recently or years ago, this group is for you.

Our Goals

  • To know that we are not alone
  • To share one another's pain
  • To help others through our insights and ideas
  • To perhaps find healing through sharing

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a safe place where we can share our miscarriage experiences with one another and share ideas about what is helping us on our journey to healing. Our aim is to bring hope from despair.

Who May Attend

All who have been touched by miscarriage may attend including both the mother and father of the miscarried baby. You are encouraged to call or e-mail in advance to register.


There is no cost to be a part of the group.

The Series

The series will consist of six meetings. You are welcome to attend the whole series or just part. You may begin attending at any time, and you may attend as long as you wish. A series will be completed in six months. The series includes:

Part 1: Our Stories, Our Grief
Part 2: The Emotions of Grief
Part 3: The Baby's Mother and Father
Part 4: Dealing with Other People
Part 5: Honoring your Baby
Part 6: Finding Meaning

Our Pledge

We will strive as a group to:

  • Offer empathy and words of comfort and understanding
  • Acknowledge each person's uniqueness in grieving
  • Understand that what helps one person may not be helpful to another
  • Recognize that we may not all be at the same place in our grief
  • Share our stories without monopolizing time
  • Listen to other's stories without judgment
  • Respect a person's wish not to share
  • Keep confidences
  • Offer empathy and words of comfort and understanding


"Going through my miscarriage was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever endured. To be quite honest, I was a broken person for a little while. But, I got better. Being able to discuss all of my feeling and emotions with Nick and Charla really helped this process. The first day I met them, I could barely put my emotions into words, so they talked about their experience and it helped. Seeing that there is light at the end of the grieving process made me see that my husband and I could survive this and move forward. I know group settings are not for everyone, but I highly recommended reaching out to Miscarriage Hope."

~ J.M., OKC, OK

"Going through three miscarriages was the most devastating experience that I have ever been through. I was utterly crushed. And on top of dealing with the intense emotions related to the loss of my babies, I quickly discovered that miscarriage is a very lonely grief: while so many women have been through it, very few people talk about it openly, and those who haven't been through it rarely understand or know how to respond to our grief. Connecting with Miscarriage Hope was a big turning point for me - it didn't make my grief magically go away, but being able to talk to Charla and other women who had experienced miscarriages provided a means of working through my grief. It's impossible to overstate how healing it was to have others to talk to who understood what I was going through!"

~L.P. from Texas

"I contacted Miscarriage Hope in desperation for support after four miscarriages and a broken spirit. My message was received and replied to immediately after I posted - putting me in contact with Charla personally. Charla offered monthly meetings to discuss the different stages of grief and how to cope with miscarriages. Her support and compassionate heart helped me understand that I was not alone and there was indeed hope for my future. Miscarriage Hope helped me understand that the pain of miscarriage is real and that there are people who not only care, but are there to walk through it with you."

~ Lisa Alsdorf, Titusville PA


Nick and Charla Shaffer

Leading Your Own Group

Have you thought about leading a miscarriage support group in your community? Perhaps you would like to work with Miscarriage Hope. We can train and equip you for leading your own group. Please contact us for more information. Maybe you have the qualifications we are looking for.

To Register or for Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?

Phone: 405-602-1590

This Miscarriage Support Group is affiliated with the Oklahoma City Friends Church.