Our Core Values

  • OKC Friends value Bible truth and knowledge that leads to salvation, which is available to all.
  • OKC Friends values the importance of every individual.
  • OKC Friends values Godly character, holy living, prayer, worship, and continual spiritual growth in order to be a witness to Jesus' love, grace and power leading to a ministry and service to others.

Our Purpose

OKC Friends exists to to change our world by receiving, knowing, and sharing Jesus.

Our Beliefs

  • The Bible is the standard by which we live.
  • People are sinful, but redeemable.
  • Jesus Christ offers salvation from sin through His death and resurrection.
  • The Holy Spirit brings people to experience salvation.
  • The church is the visible expression of Christ; it will be fulfilled when Christ returns.
  • Inner communion and the baptism with the Holy Spirit are spiritual realities beyond outward symbols.

Our History

The Friends Church, also known as Quaker, arose in England in the seventeenth century. George Fox, founder, began his ministry about 1647. In spite of intense persecution, Friends proclaimed the truth that a person’s salvation is a personal matter between his soul and God. Early Quakers migrated from England to America; Meetings were established in America as early as 1671. Friends have made outstanding contributions in various areas of human need, such as abolition of slavery, gaining rights for women, protection of the rights of the American Indians, humane treatment of prisoners, relief of human sufferings, and promotion of peace.

Evangelical Friends began in Oklahoma City in 1961 with prayer meetings held in the homes of various Friends families. In June 1962, the first pastor was called and the current property was purchased. As the church grew, buildings and additions were added. OKC Friends Church is affiliated with Evangelical Friends Church Mid America Yearly Meeting whose headquarters is in Wichita, Kansas.

Our Future

We are a group of people who love God and are committed to being obedient to Him and His direction. Our desire is that we will minister to those He sends our way with the gifts He has given us. As we are obedient to Him and His direction, we will bear much fruit for Him.
I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5


Please join us for one of our weekly services!